Steps To Take If You Have Been Hurt While At Work

Getting injured at work is serious. Your injuries can be extremely painful, and it’s possible that they will result in long-lasting or even permanent harm. Do not delay in seeking medical attention after a workplace accident. As work injury lawyers with decades of experience, we understand how difficult and stressful this can be. Illinois’ statute of limitations law requires that you take action within a certain amount of time after your injury. For workers’ compensation claims the time limit is three years, but for normal injury claims the limit is two years after the injury occurred.

While every case is different, the steps to take after a work injury include:

  • Seek medical attention – Take your injuries seriously. Inform your medical professionals that your injuries are from a workplace accident.
  • Inform your manager at work – This is crucial in establishing a timeline of events related to your injury. You should request a copy of your manager’s written report.
  • Contact your lawyer – An experienced lawyer will understand what evidence must be gathered if you are to pursue either a workers’ compensation claim, third-party claim, or both. Your lawyer will need sufficient time to build a case for recovery.
  • Write down details about your injury – Having a written list of events and witnesses helps you to remember details better as time goes on. This information can also be very helpful to your lawyer.
  • Follow through with your medical treatment – Taking your injuries seriously can help you heal while also making clear to others that your accident had a significant impact on your life.

Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. Can Help After A Work Injury

Workplace injuries happen on a daily basis in Illinois and have a huge impact on the victims’ lives. You can be doing everything right and still be badly hurt while on the job. It’s important to remember that you have rights as an employee. You have the right to report your accident, and to seek fair and full compensation for your injuries. These cases can become very complex and stressful for anyone. Our work injury lawyers understand the workers’ comp process. We can advise you if Illinois’ workers’ compensation laws apply to your case, and how to make sure you get all of the financial help that you deserve. Many workplace accidents allow for the victims to file claims in ordinary negligence lawsuits. In this situation, we know how to seek an appropriate settlement offer or damages at trial from those involved.

Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. have decades of experience defending the rights of injured workers. We understand how Illinois courts will apply the law to the facts of your case and what it takes to ensure you are protected and not taken for granted.  Contact our work injury attorneys today to discuss your options for seeking the damages you deserve.

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