The Statute Of Limitations For A Truck Accident

It’s important to act without unnecessary delay after your truck accident. Not only do memories fade and evidence goes missing, but the Illinois statute of limitations may prevent you from seeking damages. This law requires claims to be filed within a certain amount of time or else risk being dismissed by the court. These rules are for commencing your action, and it’s not a problem if your lawsuit continues beyond this time limit.

Statute of limitations laws vary, and those that might apply to your case include:

  • For personal injury – You have two years after the incident that caused your injury.
  • For wrongful death – You can file a wrongful death claim if a close loved one was killed in a truck accident. Your claim must commence within one year of the person’s death or two years after the accident that caused the injuries which later resulted in death.
  • For property damage – You have five years to begin a claim for damage done to your car, home, or other property after a truck accident.

Illinois’ statute of limitations law can become complicated quickly, and exceptions may apply. For example, if you were a minor when the accident happened, the statute of limitations can be delayed until after your 18th birthday. Another example would involve delaying the time limit to being only after your injuries could have been noticed. Consulting with an accident attorney will allow you to understand how Illinois’ statute of limitations law will apply to your case.

A Lawyer From Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. Can Help

Truck accidents happen every day throughout Illinois. These wrecks are serious, and often have a devastating impact on numerous victims. It’s possible that you or a loved one have been badly injured or even killed. Your truck accident could have been caused by things such as a careless driver, an improperly loaded vehicle, or even debris that was negligently left on the road. Your first step should always be calling a lawyer experienced in truck accidents. These cases are technical, and the other party will likely fight aggressively to reduce any damages they must pay.

The truck accident lawyers with Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. have the experience, drive, and passion to protect and assert your right to recover. Let us help you and your family obtain what you need to move on with your life.

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