Steps To Take If Your Loved One is Suffering From Abuse

It can be overwhelming and frightening to realize that your family member may be suffering from abuse at the hands of those meant to provide care. However, it’s important to act without delay in protecting the rights of the person in need. In many cases, it can be difficult to determine what is nursing home neglect or abuse. For example, what can make some of us uncomfortable might be described by nursing facility staff as necessary to care for someone in a difficult situation. Many nurses and caregivers will have to restrain elderly or sick residents to protect themselves and others from harm. Furthermore, nursing and medical staff may argue that your loved one’s condition is a result of complications regarding their health and not a result of abuse or neglect.

There are things that you can do to protect your loved one if you believe that they are not receiving the care they need. Incidents and shortcomings at assisted care facilities are always different, but some steps include:

  • Write everything down – Having a written timeline of events and problems can illustrate a clear case of abuse. This includes shortcomings in care along with dates, times, and names of anyone involved.
  • Communicate with the resident – Strong communication with the nursing home resident can help you notice small problems that can quickly get out of control.
  • Speak with staff – Clearly inform staff of any concerns you have regarding your loved one’s care. Be sure to ask them many questions regarding things you may not understand.
  • Speak with a lawyer – A skilled nursing home abuse lawyer will be able to apply their experience to your loved one’s situation. This includes determining if abuse is happening and then making a plan to seek justice for the victims.
  • Call the police – Abuse or neglect can often lead to serious harm or even death. Do not hesitate to call the police if you feel that there is a clear danger due to abusive at your family member’s care facility.

Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. Can Help

Unfortunately, there have been numerous cases of abuse at nursing homes throughout Illinois. This includes physical as well as mental and financial abuse. These violations of trust and professionalism will be devastating for your family and elderly loved one. Your loved one needs immediate help, but the nursing home may be very unwilling to cooperate after an accusation of abuse. A nursing home neglect lawsuit requires extensive knowledge of how these facilities are regulated and meant to operate. At Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C., our nursing home abuse attorneys understand how complex these cases can be, and what’s involved with determining liability and recovering compensation.

Do not delay in calling an attorney if you believe nursing home abuse or neglect is occurring. We have decades of experience helping victims of abuse, and an excellent track record of getting justice for our clients.

Contact Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. to speak with a skilled and compassionate attorney if your loved one may have suffered from abuse or neglect at a care facility. Call us today at (217) 528-9955 or complete our online form. We offer free, no-risk consultations, do not charge up-front fees, and we are only paid if you recover compensation.