Common Types of Evidence in Car Accident Cases

You may assume your accident case is pretty cut and dry. For those investigating the crash and deciding liability, the situation is a little more complicated, especially when the involved parties point their fingers at each other.

Police, claims adjusters, investigators and lawyers are tasked with determining fault in a car crash by looking at the evidence. The professionals could find all the evidence, but sometimes they can overlook an aspect you might have seen.

That is why you should also know what evidence to gather to ensure you have the best chance at recovery after a crash.

Why is Evidence Important in My Car Accident Case?

Car accident cases fall under personal injury cases. You must have sufficient evidence to prove that the injuries sustained resulted from the crash and were not falsified or from previous accidents.

With the proper evidence at your disposal, you can show you deserve compensation for any costs associated with the crash, including repairs and medical bills due to the actions of another party.

What Evidence is Useful in Car Accident Cases?

In the event of an accident, all investigating parties will gather different forms of evidence. They do this to paint as complete a picture as possible of what happened, who is responsible, and what disciplinary actions could be taken.

Once gathered, all evidence is made available to the involved parties to gather everything for their case. An experienced personal injury lawyer will know what kind of evidence you need, where to find the most relevant evidence, and how to apply it to your case.

Police Reports

Police officers will talk to all involved parties and any witnesses in the area. They will also document vehicle damages and other items in the area, like tire marks on the pavement, and create a complete report for both legal and insurance records. Sometimes, they can decide who is at fault at the scene. They leave it up to the parties’ insurance companies in other cases.

Witness Statements

Although police collect official witness statements at the crash scene, you can collect the witnesses’ contact info in case the other party’s insurance tries to deny your claim. They can also be called to testify in the event of a lawsuit later.

Car Accident Photos or Videos

The police will take photos and videos of the scene to include in their report. You can also take your own shots with your phone and send them to the other party’s insurance.

Police will often look for any other recording devices in the area, like private surveillance cameras or traffic light cameras, to get a better idea of the events leading to the crash.

Forensic Reports

Police, detectives, and investigators hired by insurance companies generate forensic reports about the scene.

These reports document the damages to the vehicles and other parts of the accident, including damaged guardrails, vehicle debris, tire marks, and more. Each of these details can show who was at fault and what caused the crash.

Medical Reports

Medical reports are taken by any person who treats injuries at the scene and at the hospital after if needed. Any follow-up appointments, surgeries, or treatments can be added later.

Insurance companies look for ways to deny claims, especially ones with medical payouts. A detailed medical report can bolster your claims if you’re seeking compensation for damages.

Injury Journals

After your accident, start to document every pain and injury you experience and the treatment you receive for them.

Even if the injuries seem minimal, they can become much worse over time, and at that point, it could be tough to prove that your ailment is a result of an accident from some time ago. It could also make it harder to treat them.

An injury journal can be used to prove the correlation between a crash and your injuries and medical costs, making it harder for an insurance company to dismiss them.

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