Distracted Driving Accidents in Rockford, IL

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Some drivers mistakenly believe they can divide their attention between driving and another action. They’re wrong. Thousands are injured or die in distracted driving accidents every year. These injuries and deaths are more tragic because they’re entirely preventable.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) considers distracted driving as any activity that takes your attention from safe driving. Read on to learn more about distracted driving, current statistics, and how the City of Rockford is trying to make local roads safer.

What Is Distracted Driving?

Anything that takes your attention away from driving can be a distraction. Sending a text message, talking on a cell phone, using a navigation system, and eating while driving are some examples of distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Stats

In 2019, the NHTSA reported 3,142 fatalities in distracted driving accidents nationwide.

In Rockford, the number of fatal car crashes doubled in 2021, from distracted drivers. Many of the over 7,000 car crashes in Rockford happened during daylight hours and on dry roads.

How Drivers Become Distracted

Any of these types of distractions can endanger you, your passengers, and others on the road:

  • Visual: taking your eyes off the road
  • Manual: taking your hands off the wheel
  • Cognitive: taking your mind off driving

Here are the most common sources of distraction for drivers:

Adjusting Controls & Equipment

Turning on the heat, adjusting the air conditioner or radio, or entering an address into your car’s navigation are distractions that shouldn’t be performed while driving.

Eating & Drinking

Drivers who take their eyes off the road to retrieve a straw or open a fast food container become distracted and dangerous.

Intense Conversations

Having an intense or emotional conversation creates a distracted driver. It’s also dangerous when a parent turns around to deal with a child or infant in the backseat.

Texting & Using a Mobile Device

Using a phone is among the most harmful types of driver distraction. Texting requires such concentration that it’s comparable to driving the length of a football food with your eyes closed. 

Texting drivers are 23 times more likely to get in an accident, according to the Illinois State Police (ISP).

Is Distracted Driving Illegal?

It is unlawful to use a handheld device for texting and making a phone call while driving in Illinois. Drivers 18 and younger may not use their cell phones while operating a motor vehicle, even with hands-free devices or Blue Tooth.

Pull Over to Make That Call

There are three scenarios in which Illinois drivers may use a cell phone that is not hands-free:

  1. To call 9-1-1 and report an emergency
  2. While parked on the shoulder of a road or highway
  3. While the car is in neutral or parked in obstructed traffic conditions

Distracted Drivers Face Harsh Penalties

Illinois has harsh penalties for distracted drivers.

If you’re caught texting and driving in Illinois, expect to face:


  • $75 for the first violation
  • $100 for the second violation
  • $125 for the third violation
  • $150 for four or more distracted driving violations

Criminal Charges

Under Illinois law, distracted driving accidents that result in “great bodily harm, permanent disability, or disfigurement” carry an automatic fine of $1,000 and a 12-month driver’s license suspension.

You could also be charged with a Class A Misdemeanor, which carries:

  • Up to 364 days in jail
  • A maximum fine of $2,500

Distracted driving accidents that result in a fatality are considered Class 4 felonies. Convicted Class 4 felonies face up to three years in jail and a maximum fine of $25,000.

License Points

Distracted driving is a moving violation that results in points on your license. Accrue three moving violations in the same year, and you could lose your driving privileges.

Points on your license also mean higher car insurance premiums or that your carrier drops your coverage. No auto insurance means no driving on Illinois roadways.

Distracted Driver Awareness in Rockford

With fatal car crashes rising, the City of Rockford created a new campaign designed to discourage the use of hand-held devices while driving.

The initiative is called “Phone in one hand, ticket in the other.” Police officers hope that the threat of a costly moving violation is enough to scare the text out of drivers.

The Rockford Police Department and the Illinois State Police want drivers to share the word about distracted driving fines and penalties. The agencies don’t have as many officers on patrol as they would like and stress the importance of community involvement.

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