Most Dangerous Intersections in Springfield, Illinois

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You can have an accident anywhere, but some locations are more dangerous than others. Read below to learn about the most common accident locations in Springfield, Illinois.

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Top 10 Dangerous Intersections in Springfield

Intersections are some of the most dangerous locations in Springfield. They often see car crashes that result in severe injuries like traumatic brain damage and whiplash.

Some dangerous roads in Springfield include:

1. Sangamon Avenue and Dirksen Parkway

With around 50 accidents annually, some of which are fatal, this intersection is probably the most dangerous in Springfield.

This intersection gets very congested, especially at rush hour. It has six-inch concrete medians in the middle of the road to prevent left turns. In 2019, the Illinois Department of Transportation planned to update the intersection with left-turn lanes to make it safer. The $20 million project was scheduled to take place over several years.

2. Veterans Parkway and Washington Street

This location sees around eight accidents annually, but more of them typically end up being fatal than other locations throughout the city.

3. Dirksen Parkway and Peoria Road

There are more than a dozen accidents here annually, but very few, if any, are fatal in nature.

4. Walnut Street and Lawrence Avenue

This location sees around a dozen accidents annually.

5. Sixth Street and Hazel Dell Road

Around 12 accidents occur in this location annually.

6. Veterans Parkway and Lawrence Avenue

This is the second time both of these roads have shown up on this list. They are not well planned, and this location results in several accidents each year.

7. Martin Luther King Drive and South Grand Avenue

With nearly 20 accidents here annually, it is one of the most dangerous in the city. However, people typically aren’t driving at a high rate of speed, so few are fatal.

8. 11th Street and Madison Street

More than 20 accidents occur here each year, making it a hazardous intersection.

9. Fifth Street at North Grand Avenue and Carpenter Street

This location can be complex to navigate and results in nearly a dozen accidents annually.

10. Veterans Parkway and Lindbergh Boulevard

Veterans Parkway yet again shows up on the list, making it one of the most dangerous roads in general. This intersection sees around a dozen accidents annually.

Springfield, Illinois Car Accident Statistics

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation Division of Traffic Safety, Springfield sees more than 3,600 accidents annually. Most of those occur when the weather is clear, and the roads are dry. Rainy weather and wet roads also tend to be risk factors.

Rear-end accidents are the most common type in Springfield, with more than 1,000 annually. T-bone accidents come in second, with more than 650 every year.

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Springfield car accidents can be challenging to navigate. Springfield has many dangerous locations that you should be aware of when driving.

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