Seven Questions to Ask Your Doctor after an Accident

An auto accident can leave anyone scrambling to figure out what to do next. You will need to take the proper steps to recover from any injuries you might have sustained in the crash.

That is why you must ask the doctor the right questions during your visit. By making inquiries, you’ll know more about your injuries and what treatments you need to heal from them. This information will be essential for any auto claims and lawsuits you might be filing. You’ll have a better idea of what lies ahead.

1. What is the Nature of My Injuries?

First, you will want to answer all questions during the doctor’s examination as thoroughly as possible. They’ll diagnose everything that might need attention during the recuperation process.

Ask about pains in certain areas, have them break down the nature of your wounds, and so on. Use this post-crash check-up to learn about the extent and severity of your injuries.

2. What Caused My Injuries?

It is easy to say that your injuries were caused by a car accident. But a car accident can be a series of violent actions, both big and small, and each can damage your body differently.

Maybe your arm gets broken by a door bursting, or a T-bone collision gives you severe whiplash. Use your medical exams to understand what the doctor believes caused your injuries and keep this information for your records.

3. Will My Injuries Cause Me Issues in the Future?

Some injuries can have long-lasting repercussions that might affect your everyday life, including chronic pains, a continuous need for therapy and prescriptions, and specialty treatments.

In extreme cases, you might never fully heal and deal with your injuries for the rest of your life. Your doctor could give you a better prognosis of what you might face, but make sure you ask them to provide as many details as possible.

 4. Can I Work?

Knowing how severe your injuries are and how long they might keep you from returning to your job is good. In most cases, this timeline depends on your occupation and what kind of toll it takes on your body.

Depending on these circumstances, your doctor may recommend that you take a break from work and focus on a recovery timeline. In that case, you could apply for temporary disability compensation or ask the other driver’s insurance for lost wages during your claim.

5. Should I see a Specialist?

You should ask if you need to visit other doctors and then ask those doctors about the treatment plans they suggest. You could get an accurate recovery timeline, and each injury will be addressed by a medical expert as needed.

Your primary physician may recommend that you see a chiropractor, physical therapist, or other forms of specialized medicine. Your doctor is good at what they do, but they understand that other medical providers focus on specific body parts.

6. What Kind of Prescriptions or Treatments do I Need?

Recovery after an auto accident can be long and painful, but everything you might experience is necessary to recover.

This might include surgeries and their subsequent physical therapy and medications. It’s also essential for you to ask about a follow-up plan. Busy doctors sometimes accidentally forget to mention what comes after their suggested treatment.

7. How Will I Pay for All of This?

After your accident, you might miss some work. While some people have jobs that offer temporary disability benefits that can cover the costs, others are not so lucky.

If you face lost wages and mounting medical bills, you can apply for temporary disability. You can also include them in your insurance claim against the other driver. If neither of those avenues works, hire an experienced car accident lawyer and get ready to take the other party to court.

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