Steroid Injections for Personal Injury Accidents: What You Should Know

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Steroid injections are often one of many things prescribed in order to reduce serious pain. These injections are generally not used for minor injuries, and therefore it’s understandable that most people know little about them. While you must consult with your doctor about your medical treatment, it’s also important to have a personal injury lawyer who understands your needs and options after a serious accident.

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Steroid Injections Are Common For Back And Neck Injuries

Injuries sustained in an accident can result in long term pain that lasts for months or years. This is often the result of inflammation surrounding nerve tissue. Long term chronic pain is very common along a person’s spinal column in their back and neck. This is a complex area that is houses crucial nervous tissue that connects your brain to the rest of your body. Your spinal column is flexible enough to perform necessary arm and leg movements that allow us to perform routine tasks. However, this constant movement can cause continued irritation on damaged tissue and keep it from healing after an injury.

A minimally invasive steroid injection into damaged nerve tissue works by flushing away the proteins that cause inflammation. Even though this is not enough to heal an injury, it can offer pain relief for months or even years. The most common parts of an injury victim’s body to receive these steroids include:

  • Back and neck – The spinal cord and surrounding nerves can be easily inflamed in an injury. Common injuries include herniated discs, fractured vertebrae, and damaged muscle tissue.
  • Arms and shoulders – An injury that results in nerves being compressed by adjacent bones can be extremely painful during a long healing process. This is often the case in the rotating part of a shoulder or in a person’s elbow.
  • Knees or ankles – Your knees and ankles have many moving parts, and they support your entire body weight. A steroid injection can help you walk with relative comfort while your injuries heal.

A Steroid Injection Will Not Heal Your Accident Injury

Every injury is complex and different. Your doctors will need to review your condition and make a plan to help you achieve a full recovery. While steroid injections may greatly reduce your pain, they will not heal your wounds. It’s very important to keep in mind that feeling better after a steroid treatment does not mean that you can put off further treatment for your injuries. These pain relief efforts are meant to give you the chance to perform your daily routine in the months and years that follow a terrible accident. Genuinely getting better after a terrible injury will require one or several of the following:

  • Medical operations – Invasive surgeries are often necessary in the weeks and months that follow an accident. There are many objectives to these surgeries including reattaching ligaments, clearing scar tissue, and properly placing damaged bones.
  • Physical therapy – Strength training with the help of a physical therapist can significantly help many injury victims heal and regain normal use of their body.
  • Time – Your body needs time to heal from many types of tissue damage. Combining appropriate therapy and medical procedures over a period of time is the best way to recover from an injury.

Don’t Delay In Receiving Necessary Steroid Injections

It’s important to immediately seek medical attention after an accident that causes injury. Medical professionals will at first focus on saving your life and the use of your limbs. However, after weeks or months you may become most concerned about the pain that you are experiencing. It’s common for people to be experiencing terrible pain at every stage of the healing process, and this pain can last for years. Be sure to speak with your doctor regarding your pain.

We advise you to go forward with steroid injections if you and your doctor conclude that it’s the best option for you. Delaying it as you wait for a financial settlement offer can have an adverse effect on your legal recovery. This is because the court may fail to realize the extent of your pain. Furthermore, the court may think that you’ll never seek this treatment, and therefore don’t need it to be considered when reviewing damages for your accident.

A Lawyer Can Help You Seek Recovery After An Accident

Our Illinois injury lawyers have worked with many accident victims who have had their lives turned upside down due to the actions of someone else. You need to seek medical attention for your injuries, and you have the right to recover compensation from the person responsible for your harm. After consulting with your doctor, you may determine that steroid injections are necessary to help relieve pain and allow for you to return to a sense of normalcy. We understand how important recovery is, and how to seek the financial damages you deserve.

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