Studies Show Speeding is the Riskiest Driving Behavior

Drivers in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois fall victim to serious car accidents every day. Unfortunately, you and your loved ones can suddenly find yourselves in a terrible wreck caused through no fault of your own. A careless person behind the wheel of their car can suddenly catch you off guard. There are almost countless ways a person traveling at a high rate of speed can cause a terrible accident.

Recent studies and reviews of thousands of collisions have lead researchers and law enforcement to consider speeding to be the riskiest driving behavior. Our car accident lawyers have worked on many accident cases, and know how a speeding driver can suddenly lose control and cause a devastating wreck.

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Statistics Show That Many Serious And Fatal Accidents Are Caused By Speeding

There are many risky behaviors that can cause a driver to be responsible for a serious accident. However, a recent study by the University of Waterloo in Canada has found that speeding is a factor in more deadly accidents that any other aggressive and risky behavior. This does not come as a surprise to our injury attorneys, accident first responders, or law enforcement.

Car wrecks involving speeders are very common in the Chicago area. A driver speeding recklessly can cause an accident where you least expect it. The Illinois State Police and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have reported the following statistics regarding speeding:

  • About one third of fatal traffic collisions in Illinois involve speeding.
  • Approximately 41% of deadly drunk driving accidents happen when the intoxicated person is speeding.
  • Male drivers between the ages of 15 and 25 speed more than any other drivers, and are speeding in approximately 35% of the deadly accidents in which they were at fault.

Many Different Types Of Car Accidents Are Caused By Speeding

A person who is speeding while behind the wheel creates a very dangerous situation wherever they go. Many things can go wrong when we are on the road, and a speeding driver can greatly increase the likelihood of a collision. Speeding is in itself dangerous, but the situation gets much more dangerous when other risk factors are involved. A speeding driver may be distracted by their phone or passengers, or they may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Of the many different ways you can be hit by a speeding driver, some of the most common include:

  • Rear end collision – A driver going too fast might be unable to stop in time to prevent an accident if you need to slow down suddenly.
  • Right or left turn accidents – Speeding drivers often fail to notice someone who is slowing down to make a proper turn. Many victims suffer devastating rear end accidents as they make a right turn, or head-on collisions while turning left.
  • Lane change accidents – A speeding driver can easily strike your car as they weave in and out of lanes on the highway or on a busy city street. This can push you off the road or cause you to collide with another vehicle.

Wrecks Caused By Speeding Can Result In Devastating Harm

All high speed car accidents result in significant amounts of force being applied to the vehicles and passengers involved. While your car’s seat belts and airbags can offer a lot of protection, it’s still very likely that you will have some injuries if you are struck by someone driving at a high rate of speed. Victims in these collisions frequently have extensive damage to their vehicles. Depending on the type of accident, your car may roll over or even catch on fire. Our accident lawyers have investigated many high speed wrecks on behalf of our clients. Some of the most common types of injuries we have seen include:

  • Broken bones – In addition be severe pain, a broken bone or damaged joint can make it very difficult to fully regain normal mobility as you try to recover.
  • Nerve damage or traumatic brain injuries (TBI) – Damage to your head, spine, or back can cause permanent harm to your nervous system. This is often the case in hard impacts and in situations where the victim is ejected from their car.
  • Organ damage – A hard strike or puncture wound can harm one or several internal organs. This can put you in serious risk of death or permanent disability.
  • Emotional distress – High speed accidents are very violent. The victims of these accidents often suffer from emotional distress which can make it difficult for them to resume normal activities in the weeks and months that follow.

A Lawyer From Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. Can Help

Speeding drivers create significant risks for everyone else on the road. Their careless actions can easily result in a deadly accident when something goes wrong or catches them by surprise. Do not hesitate to contact a skilled injury attorney if you or a loved one have been in a bad car accident caused by someone else. You have the right to seek damages from the responsible party. However, it’s important that you act without delay. The insurance companies involved may not be willing to pay you the amount of money you deserve. Furthermore, Illinois statute of limitations will prevent you from filing a claim for damages if you wait too long.

Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. has worked on many car accidents that resulted from a reckless speeding driver. We know how a terrible wreck can impact your entire life. To speak with one of our knowledgeable accident lawyers, call our office today at (217) 528-9955 or use our online contact form.